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Almost Christmas!

Which means almost time to go away and down absurd quantities of piss. To keep you going in the lead up:

Not sure what I think of this but might appeal to those that like the original.

Owl City - Fireflies (Marlow Remix)

Absolutely love what Brackles has been doing with his production recently. A Brackles/Shortstuff tour in New Zealand would go down an absolute treat! Love the vocal sample and work on this track.

Crystal Fighters - I Love London (Brackles Remix)

And finally the stand-out track of the post goes to Synkro. His other productions are fairly weak, but he all of a sudden rips out this absolute beauty. Amazing track.

Synkro - Everybody Knows

Look for some UK Funky before Christmas!

New Von D, Sully and Amoss

Nouvelle Artiste Fran├žais Von D has been gaining huge attention with his track “Show Me”. Continuing on his new vinyl with his signature sound some are coining “lovestep”. My pick of the bunch:

Von D - Nouvelle Histoire

Sully has been producing for a long time and his track “Duke St Dub” is one of my all time favourites. His track “Phonebox” is minimal but great.

Sully - Phonebox

Interesting remix here:

Coldplay - Trouble (Amoss Dubstep Remix)

Cherry Popped!

Pop goes the weasel. Here it will be strictly Dubstep and Drum and Bass for those that way inclined.

First up congratulations to talented drum and bass artist Netsky for being signed to Hospital Records. For anyone in the know, being signed to this label is a big deal. Here’s a few tracks to show his prowess:

Miike Snow - Black and Blue (Netsky Remix)

Netsky - Prisma

Netsky - I Refuse

14 year old Memro is a rather unheard of new drum and bass artist who has gained much attention with his track “Trick of the Tail”. No 320 as of yet but youtube to give you a taste:

Memro - Trick of the Tail

Joy Orbison is a producer who gained much acclaim with his single “Hyph Mngo” which will definitely be on Top 10 lists of 2009 all over the place. His remix of Four Tet’s “Love Cry” is a solid follow up.

Four Tet - Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)

James Blake is a very unique artist who has created something very original in this remix. Gained much play from the likes of Geiom and Brackles. Builds up and up and fades out.

Untold - Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake Remix)

Will be posting some Von D tomorrow.

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